Philippine Independence Day 2014

Google Doodle on June 12. Celebration of the 116th Independence Day of Philippine.

Independence Day, Araw ng Kasarinlan; also Araw ng Kalayaan, is an annual national holiday in the Philippines observed on 12 June, commemorating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain on 12 June 1898. It is the country’s National Day.

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Día de la Independencia de la República Dominicana Google Doodle

Google will present this doodle on February 27th in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is a nation on the island of Hispaniola, part of the Greater Antilles archipelago in the Caribbean region.

In 1838 Juan Pablo Duarte founded a secret society called La Trinitaria, which sought the complete independence of Santo Domingo without any foreign intervention. Matías Ramón Mella and Francisco del Rosario Sánchez, despite not being among the founding members of La Trinitaria, were decisive in the fight for independence. Duarte, Mella, and Sánchez are considered the three Founding Fathers of the Dominican Republic. On February 27, 1844, the Trinitarios (the members of La Trinitaria), declared the independence from Haiti.

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Music: Long Road Ahead by Kevin MacLeod